What a mess!

What a mess this world is in!

Most of it is of our own making; climate change, conflict and shortages. I don’t do political stuff normally but I can’t help myself after seeing so much of the slogan that is being bandied about at the moment.

“Black Lives Matter”. Oh dear. Whoever came up with that didn’t really put much thought into what they were saying. Some people just don’t seem to realise that, in this modern world, people will read more into something than what you actually print (including me).

“All Lives Matter” Whether you are black, brown, green, pink, red, white or yellow. (Sorry if I have missed anybody out) No; don’t try to infer anything by the order in which I have written those. It’s done alphabetically.

It is sad that anyone should lose their life by the hand of another, whether it’s an individual act or a war. It’s the twenty first century and human beings haven’t really evolved that much, have we? We are still bickering with each other over land, food, water, power, religion and more. The law of nature is the survival of the strongest and fittest. We, as a species, are supposed to have grown beyond that. How are we going to survive well into the future if all we can do is take, take, take; on a personal, selfish, level as well as at government level? I hear many stories of wonderful acts of “humanity”. Strange, how we use that word to convey the meaning of all the good that we can do and yet we conveniently leave out all the bad that humans are capable of.

All lives matter!

We had better include the animal kingdom into that as well!