New sub species found!

I posted a similar blog a couple of years ago but in a mad moment I deleted it. Here is version 2.0.

Anatomically modern humans are known as Homo sapiens sapiens. The Latin ‘Homo’ meaning ‘human being’ is our Genus; ‘sapiens’ meaning ‘wise, sensible’ is our species name and the second ‘sapiens’ is our sub species categorisation to distinguish us from earlier versions of sapiens before, approximately, two thousand years ago. The very early types of human included Homo neanderthalensis and Homo erectus. Are you with me so far?

Let me go one better.

I, that is me, am a different sub species. It seems the likes of me have co-existed with H. sapiens sapiens for some time but have only recently been discovered to be a true sub species.

I belong to the group Homo sapiens virago. My subspecies name is Latin meaning ‘ man like woman’ or ‘heroine’.

So there you have it. Please feel free to join my sub species at any time!

I must point out that the later, English, meaning of the word evolved into a derogatory term. It came to mean a domineering, violent or bad tempered woman.

Yep! I can do that as well.

3 thoughts on “New sub species found!

  1. When I saw “New sub species found” my immediate reaction was “Oh, are they going to be doing a 9 inch now?”.
    (Sorry, couldn’t resist … *slaps self*)


    1. It took me some time to figure out that you were referring to a baguette thing sold by a well known high street refreshment outlet. I do believe your sense of humour is as daft and twisted as mine.

      Liked by 1 person

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